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Our Thoughts on Fads

There is a reason why things are called "fads" like when you used to tight roll your jeans (you were soooooo cool!).

Unfortunately you see this in dieting too. Keto this. Paleo that. No, these are not famous Greek astronomers, they are some of the many fad diets you can find online. We don't sell diet plans, so we'll give it to you straight up.

Fad diets are presented in a way that create a "quick fix". Although you can achieve some results, it's coming at an expense to your overall health. Many fad diets limit your caloric intake and the types of food you eat which can result in deficiencies in vitamins and minerals which can lead to muscle loss, increased risk of heart disease, infertility and depression just to name a few.

So, how do you spot a fad diet? Here are some telling signs:

  • Promotes a quick fix (e.g., rapid weight loss).

  • Guarantees dramatic results.

  • Restricts or eliminates an entire food group.

  • Severely restricts calories.

  • Discourages any one particular macronutrient such as protein, carbohydrates or fat.

  • Promotes detoxification, cleansing or fasting.

  • Promotes liquid meal replacements.

  • Are based on personal experiences or a single research study.

  • Has rigid and unmanageable rules.

Want to lose weight the right way?

Weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is a healthy expectation for sustainable weight loss. We offer a free calculator to help you figure out what your daily caloric intake should be to reach your goal. There are free calorie counting apps you can take advantage of like the Calorie Counter by Lose It! And lastly, build your plate the right way with appropriate proportions of proteins, grains, vegetables and fruits.

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