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How to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks

We've put together some great tips and tricks to safely lose weight in just 3 weeks.

We'll break down these tips into two categories; dieting tips and daily exercise tips.

Dieting Tips:

  1. No processed sugars: Processed sugars can be found in things like cookies and cakes. Natural sugars, like those found in fruits, are ok in moderation.

  2. No soft drinks: Regular soda contains "empty calories" meaning you get zero nutritional value and they can push you over your daily calorie limits.

  3. No breads: Skip the bread for a bit. The simple carbohydrates found in bread tend to make you hold water weight.

  4. No juices: Juice contains a lot of calories, and many times additional sugars.

  5. No eating out: Fast foods contain an enormous amount of sodium that can increase water weight. They also tend to be very high in calories and pack on the pounds quickly.

  6. Increase water intake: Sounds contradictory to the whole water weight thing, right? Wrong. Increasing your H20 intake helps flush out toxins, helps reduce water retention and helps you eliminate burned fat (through urine and sweat).

  7. Get more sleep: If you are getting less than 7 hours of sleep you are not giving your body the best chance to recover and prepare for the day ahead. Sleep is an important component of weight loss.

  8. Get enough protein: Protein plays an important role in both muscle building and fat loss. Women should aim for 20 grams per meal, while men should aim for 30. Breakfast is an important time to make sure you're getting enough protein. Try eggs or yogurt as part of your morning routine.

Daily Exercise Tips:

  1. Run or walk for 15 minutes

  2. 5 minutes of jump rope

  3. 25 push ups

  4. 25 squats

  5. 30 seconds of planks

  6. Whole body stretches

  7. Walking after dinner

  8. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

  9. 5-10 minutes of meditation

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