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Happy Birthday Breath!

You've heard of morning breath (eew!), but what about a "happy birthday breath?" It's a fun and simple breathing exercise that you can try right now.

Imagine you're blowing out 40 birthday candles. For some of you, that number is approaching so its good practice! For those of you beyond 40, you know what we're talking about. Heck, it can look like a small forest fire on that cake.

Begin by breathing in through the nose for 3 seconds, then blow out of the mouth for 4-5 seconds, fully emptying the lungs. You should feel your core contracting as you're getting that last second out. Try this anytime of day. First thing in the morning, mid day or as you are unwinding for bed.

The many benefits to breathing exercises include:

  1. Helps relieve muscle stiffness

  2. Clears clogged breathing passages

  3. Manages stress

  4. Alleviates tension headaches

  5. Helps with depression

  6. Improves focus

  7. Better sleep

  8. Faster recovery from exercise

  9. Decreases toxicity in the body

  10. Improves the digestive system

So happy early (or belated) 40th birthday. Get breathing!

NOTE: While its not common, if you begin to feel light headed at any point, discontinue and consult with your physician.

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