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Bananas, Apples and Oranges, oh my.

We have the 411 on these powerhouse fruits including when to eat them (and when not to) and why.


Bananas support immunity, are great for the skin and are a great source of vitamin B. Add one to your breakfast or lunch, but be careful eating them too late in the day as they can lead to mucus formation and indigestion. Eat as a snack before your morning or afternoon workout for a quick energy boost.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? We've all heard that one. You can also enjoy one every morning to help keep the weight off. Apples are one of the best sources of fiber which is key to feeling full and getting rid of stubborn belly fat. They also boost immunity and are full of natural detoxifying agents. Eating them before bed may throw off your natural circadian rhythm, so stick to them during the day.


Breakfast is a time when nutrition is most needed, but the gastrointestinal function of the body has not yet been fully activated for the day. Having an orange for breakfast not only supplies the body with healthy vitamins and nutrients, but can also help activate gastrointestinal function from the organic acids that they contain. Some like to get their oranges from orange juice, but be sure to drink it in moderation due to its high sugar content. Orange juice before bed can exacerbate reflux, so you're best to stick to having them in the earlier part of the day.

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